DrGDH’s Adventures in Wonderland: Stroke Thrombolysis

Hi y’all

It’s been quiet in DrGDH land for a bit, apologies for that. As well as battling through the comedy/tragedy/sheer bedlam that is EM in the holiday season (nights over Xmas, thanks boss…), I’ve been applying for a new job while simultaneously trying to keep the one I’ve got, been struck down by Norovirus (that other holiday favourite), and even written a couple of posts over at StEmlyns.

After several requests to ‘summarise’ the reasons I’m sceptical about stroke thrombolysis (I suspect in an attempt to stop me going on and on about it…), I’ve put together this whistle stop tour of the evidence. Just the important points are summarised. For more coherent and detailed analysis I would suggest Andy Neil‘s epic treatise and the phenomenal podcast from SMART EM. Also have a look at this piece by Michelle Johnston looking at the difficulties of being a front-line ED doc expected to provide a therapy we are not convinced is beneficial.

Here we go…. works best full screen.

As always comments, criticisms welcome. Think I’m being too critical? Disagree with my interpretation? You know where to find me….


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